All you need to know about technology PR in the Netherlands

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Launching your technology company in the Netherlands any time soon? It might be a little overwhelming, in a country where you do not understand the language (Dutch, what we call Nederlands – “Netherlandish”) and once you understand things are a little different when you are trying to master technology PR in the Netherlands.

To make it work, make sure you’ll follow these tips. You’ll find technology PR in the Netherlands to be an easy-to-overcome task. If not, feel free to reach out and I’ll run you through it.

1) Localise your PR content

Although you might anticipate that the majority of the Dutch speak near-perfect business English, it might be wise for many reasons to translate your content and localize it. Our news media and tech blogs are extremely fast in bringing the news. However, it also means they are very efficient in the writing and producing of the publications. Hence, well-written, easy to understand messages work best!

2) Press releases are not dead!

It’s a long-winding discussion in the Netherlands, are press releases dead? It was a big discussion almost ten years ago (read my blog in Dutch) and it still is. But every single time we contact a journalist about a story, they quickly reply by asking: “Do you perhaps have a press release for us to have a peek at?” From our findings, a short but easily comprehensible …

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