B2B credit is complex; Mick Gromotka explains how Biller wants to simplify it with its BNPL invoice solution

Biller co-founders Uwe van Rensburg, Derek Vreeburg, Mick Gromotka | Image credit: Biller

For generations, businesses have relied on a line of credit to purchase goods from other businesses. This line of credit, also known as trade credit, had its serious test during the pandemic. While the pandemic forced companies to rethink how they conduct business, the worst impacted were the ones who tried to replicate the offline model for an online-first world.

This not only made business operations difficult but also made it difficult to secure credit. One startup wants to change this and it calls itself Biller. The Dutch startup founded by former Klarna and Mollie employees wants to make buy now pay later simpler for business-to-business transactions. Mick Gromotka, co-founder and in charge of product at Biller, explains the story.

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