How to build a stellar product for your startup

Gabriel Dombri, CEO of product studio Tapptitude

Building a product is hard. It’s something even the most successful companies can still easily bungle. So at an early stage, it may seem like a mission impossible. There are so many ways to mess it up, yet only one to do it right. These are some tips from experienced product-builders.

Lessons from building 100 products

Chances are you’ve heard the wisdom from Thomas Edison: “I have not failed, not once. I’ve discovered ten thousand ways that don’t work.” That’s very cute for a motivational poster. But as a startup building a product, you don’t get 10,000 new chances. You need to get your product up and running and you need to get it right.

Product Studio Tapptitude has built products for more than 100 startups. So if anyone has learned what it takes to make a product succeed, it’s them. Luckily, they don’t mind sharing their wisdom. These 5 essential lessons might be too long for a motivational poster, but work wonders when you have to get stuff done.

1: (In)validation is where it starts

Gabriel Dombri is the CEO of product studio Tapptitude. Over the years, he has helped over 100 startups bring their product to market. In that time, they’ve iterated the process for building a successful product. “The last few years we have focused on two core things. De-risking the product investment of the startup team first, then delivering product iterations that help users solve a painful problem for them, on a technical foundation that can be easily scaled.”

According to the product-builders at Tapptitude, it all starts with validation. They found the most inefficient way to find out your product is no…

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Image: Gabriel Dombri, CEO of product studio Tapptitude