We’re committed to the needs of innovation

Innovation comes in many forms. It could mean an all-new banking service, a forward-thinking FMCG brand or an exciting start-up hitting the market. But whatever kind of innovation we’re talking about, there are a few things any project needs. Things like:

  • strong content that reveals the key story
  • events that provide a stage
  • marketing that creates a buzz
  • insights that show the way to the market sweet spot
  • talent
  • funding to drive future growth

Primavera provides all this – for any innovation, in any market.

Primavera in a nutshell

Primavera is an integrated media house that provides content, events, marketing, market insights, talented people and funding for investors, start-ups and established brands. This refreshing new service has been created to meet the needs of anyone looking to innovate and grow – no matter where they or their company are on their journey.

Primavera offers news, buzz, data/insights and tools for innovators, founders, executives, investors, consultants, public officials, students and consumers across Europe. People who are passionately interested in innovation, sustainability, start-ups and investment, as well as disrupting and growing technology.

Formed by the merger of Ranieri Agency and InternetCorp, the group is backed by private investors with backgrounds in technology, digital marketing, sustainability and venture capital. Having already made various acquisitions, Primavera has operations in the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Romania and Finland.

  • We are forward-thinking digital media, marketing, technology and sustainability experts.
  • We believe innovation is crucial to the continued success of any organization, no matter its size.

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