Our brands are well-established and strong businesses trusted by global companies in their own right.

Together, they are an European powerhouse.


InternetCorp, founded in 2005, is one of the most important players in the Romanian online publishing market. It covers four content areas: business, news, urban lifestyle and women's lifestyle. The main publications in its portfolio are: wall-street.ro, start-up.ro, kudika.ro, retail.ro, garbo.ro and 9am.ro. InternetCorp also developed IC.Events, a virtual events platform, and BizTool.ro, a marketplace connecting entrepreneurs and specialists. In addition, its sales division manages publicity coverage for more than 40 third-party sites.

Ranieri Agency

Ranieri Agency is a pan European consumer technology, B2B technology and gaming communications agency. Specialist services include communication strategy, PR, influencer, social media, content, digital marketing, sponsorship and paid. We are global in mindset and output, boutique in ethos and service. Our point of difference and mission is very clear....We help brands own their space. We are nimble, passionate, creative, collaborative and authentic, working with giants and challenger brands alike. Headquartered in London, we also have dedicated offices in Paris, Munich, Dusseldorf and Amsterdam. Ranieri Agency is one of PR Week’s Top 150 agencies


IC.Events is the virtual platform developed by the InternetCorp team. It’s built for hosting and participating in digital events. IC.Events allows users to generate their own event pages, invite participants, interact with them and stream live or recorded material. Clients can choose services according to their requirements.

Slingshot Sponsorship

SlingShot is one of Europe's leading sponsorship and commercialisation consultancies. We believe that partnerships are not just about engagements, they about creating moments that allow a brand to deliver on its promise. We work across the entire sponsorship spectrum…identifying, evaluating, negotiating, managing, measuring, optimizing and activating. We design 360 programmes that trigger audiences into action. We have an extensive range of sponsorship experience acting for both rights holders and sponsors. Staffed by passionate and dedicated industry experts the Slingshot Sponsorship team has worked with a wide range of start ups and global giants alike including AE Sports, BBC Worldwide, Asus, Red Bull, Toshiba, Hyundai and Shell.  

Ranieri Gaming

Ranieri Gaming is an integrated communications agency specialising in PR & media, social, influencer and content. Our experience in Gaming is extensive. From hardworking press office and media relations through to delivering global campaigns that span PR and social, paid and earned, traditional media to facilitating partnerships with the worlds most famous YouTube or Twitch influencers. Be it a business story, announcing a new round of investment or a creative launch campaign to break a new IP. We’re also experts at paid sponsored content and have strong relationships with key YouTube talent and management. We focus on ROI by  selecting the best channels to work with that will deliver the biggest bang for your buck. It isn’t always about working with the largest and most well know influencers, relevance is key through our years of experience we’ve built relationships with thousands of highly sought after content creators.


VideoCorp came about on the back of InternetCorp’s success with video content in recent years, which saw numerous collaborations with brands interested in creating digital content for the public. It’s also the result of growing interest in this form of storytelling. VideoCorp provides integrated video and audio content services for companies, media agencies and publishers. It helps with bringing creative concepts to life, provides technical know-how and the necessary equipment. It also takes care of filming, video editing, animated graphics and visual effects.


9am.ro was one of InternetCorp’s first projects. Launched in 2004, it’s a general news site divided into eight sections: Politics, Business, Social, Sports, International, Lifestyle, Trivia and Cars. It offers its readers around 50 news stories every day. From dawn to dusk, it covers the most important political, social, economic, cultural, sports and social events on the Romanian and international scene.


BizTool.ro is a start-up.ro project providing a marketplace that connects specialists from various business fields with entrepreneurs who need help in conceptualising and developing their businesses. Specialists can register on the platform at any time, which gives them visibility via the marketplace or through materials posted on start-up.ro. Founders looking for assistance can contact them using the form on the website. biztool.ro users can find marketing specialists, lawyers who have drafted thousands of contracts, developers with thousands of hours of code-writing behind them, some of the largest coworking spaces in Romania, financial consultants with experience in projects worth tens of millions of Euros, business consultants and many other respected niche experts.


Garbo is a top magazine in the Romanian female lifestyle market. It speaks to fulfilled women with well-defined, strong, yet romantic values. It covers general interest topics for the mature woman and provides information relevant for families. Garbo includes social, career, lifestyle, psychology, spiritual, fashion, beauty and health content.


Launched in April 2005, online women’s lifestyle magazine Kudika quickly became a reader favourite and is now one of the most-read online women’s publications. The Kudika woman is young and independent, eager for personal affirmation, professionally ambitious and interested in the latest fashion, beauty, nutrition and psychology trends.