Free language courses for all Ukranian refugees from the Romanian startup Mondly

  • March 23, 2022
  • 1 min read
Mondly, one of the world’s leading language learning platforms, today announced that it is making its courses available for free to all Ukrainians being displaced in European countries. The initiative is aimed at helping refugees overcome the language barrier and feel more at ease while communicating in a foreign country.

The app created in Brașov, Romania, unlocked its premium content for Ukrainian natives and offers courses for 25 European languages, including English, Polish, German, Romanian and more.

Effective immediately, Ukrainian refugees can easily access all lessons by simply choosing Ukrainian as their mother language inside the Mondly app.

“It’s really heartbreaking to see what’s happening in Ukraine right now. I spent a month in Kyiv last year and got to know the people, the culture and their language. They’re such warm and welcoming people, and they deserve so much better than this. I’m proud to be able to offer Mondly’s language learning services for free to all Ukrainians in the light of the current situation”, said Alexandru Iliescu, CEO and Co-Founder at Mondly.