IC Events, InternetCorp’s platform that brings events in the digital era, goes to the next level

  • May 24, 2022
  • ic.events
  • 4 min read

Launched in June 2020, InternetCorp’s platform, one of the most prominent players in the Romanian publishing industry, comes with a new vision meant to bring the experience of offline and hybrid events to a new level. On top of that, thanks to InternetCorps’s new shareholders, IC Events is going worldwide.

InternetCorp’s B2B solution for online and hybrid events constantly evolved from the beginning of the journey in 2020 until now. The team of specialists with more than a decade of expertise in the events field managed to implement the business community’s feedback, and transform it into a more intuitive experience, adapted to the current needs in terms of digital instruments.

Also, the foundation of accelerated worldwide expansion for IC Events started when Primavera Digital Group(PDG) became InternetCorp’s corp shareholder last year.

IC Events, one platform for all your company’s promoting and networking needs

IC Event’s new vision, tailored to offer a SaaS platform focused on a 360-degree experience, gives the opportunity to the companies to experience the full potential of their events, no matter if it’s a business meeting, product and services launch, press conference, or building new communities.

IC Event’s new categories are Community, Product Launch, and Conference. You can find all the benefits of these verticals right HERE.

IC Events developed these categories to offer an end-to-end experience for any event format, including also Design & Video solutions provided by the platform’s experts.

“We are delighted to enter a growth and expansion phase by launching our new SaaS platform module that highlights the most important projects we’ve built in the previous months. We developed those solutions and services like Design and Video with our clients, looking to have flawless digital experiences. Looking at the needs of integrated marketing and PR projects, we launched a new approach targeting international markets, convinced that IC Events is an indispensable tool in the communication arsenal of a brand.” – Liana Nicolae, Project Manager IC Events

“From 2009, when we launched the event division and organized the first ones until nowadays, the whole ecosystem has changed. We live in a new paradigm, accelerated significantly by the limitations brought by the pandemic for which we had to find a solution in the shortest time. We chose to see the shaking of previous years as an opportunity to tailor more plans in this direction. The launching of the SaaS module in parallel with the new design of our website is part of our developing strategic vision for both local and international markets. Together with our fantastic, professional, and courageous team when it comes to adapting to new conditions, we are taking another step in supporting our partners with complete solutions for their communication needs and more” – Raluca Mateiu, CEO InternetCorp.

With this new launch, IC Events became more intuitive, even for users getting in touch for the first time with the platform. They face a seamless end-to-end experience, capable of generating a schedule, a list of speakers, and creating a visual identity at the touch of a button.

Also, for a complete experience, the team behind IC Events provides consultancy and Video and Design solutions to organize the event.

From Livestream solutions, webinars and debating panels, to Social Lounge, Expo Zone with virtual booths and 1 to 1 Networking, IC Events managed to deliver a complete experience for more than 60 events, which gathered together over 10.000 users.

The Expo Zone offers complete landing pages for companies and services that can go LIVE  directly from their booth, showing relevant documents for the audience, galleries, presentations, and scheduling video sessions with the visitors using a calendar.

One of our first features, the business card exchange via email, won its place in the top features preferred by the audience, with thousands of interactions.

Discover the IC Events platform HERE.