Record numbers for IC Events in 2021: 100% growth in events hosted and 400% more platform users

  • January 28, 2022
  • IC Events
  • 3 min read

2021 was a dynamic and exciting year for IC Events, the digital engagement platform built by Internet Corp. The platform welcomed international hosts and users and diversified its offering with complex projects delivered for both Romanian and international industry leaders like VTEX and IKEA.


With the help of new modules launched last year like the Social Lounge with high quality video networking and the Press Conference module with secured appointments, with customized design and development services, hosts on IC Events managed to create truly exceptional digital projects. 

IC Events offers 360’ services, from standardized event project plans that can be implemented in record time, to complete marketing-oriented campaigns with premium live streaming services, both remote and on location for hybrid events. 

One of the most important trends in online and hybrid events for 2021 was the need to give customers and viewers flexible and dynamic ways of watching and interacting with content of any kind. If the number of people within the platform reached a record 400% growth, the number of views increased from 200k in 2020 to 1 million views in 2021. These numbers give us a clear indication that people are coming back multiple times to watch or view the platform of an event or project. This is why IC Events offers longer times for hosts to have open event platforms, in a proven way of increasing engagement. 

The second most important trend was the need to offer hosts and customers diversified services like design & development, promotional activities and campaigns with digital tools and integrations, and that is why IC Events developed multiple types of modules that can be deployed at a very fast rate, including premium remote broadcasting services.


As in 2020, networking skyrocketed in 2021 with 5 X more chats, 3 X more visits in the Expo Area and 200% more business card exchanges. That is why IC Events is introducing new ways of engaging your target audience with the help of polls, voting, automated feedback emails and the brand-new MegaBooth module that offers a complete redesign of the previous Expo Area with live streaming options from within a expo booth, video appointments and super extended chapters for video and downloadable materials.

Stay tuned with IC Events, 2022 will be even more interesting for digital services and online and hybrid events! You can always drop us a line at and keep in touch with our news here on the Primavera website and on

View the 2021 IC Events Infographic here.

IC Events is a global platform that offers digital customer engagement services for creating business growth. We create flawless digital experiences and successful marketing projects with 3 core event models that will help build and expand a company’s customer base or target audience.

IC  Events is a platform developed by Internet Corp, part of Primavera Digital Group.