Romanian angel investment collective Growceanu aims to raise €300.000

  • June 14, 2022
  • 2 min read

The Growceanu business angel investment platform aims to attract EUR 300,000 in a round that takes place exclusively on the Growceanu platform, starting on June 9th. The round is also supported by the founders with an additional EUR 50,000.

The funds raised will be used to develop the international marketing strategy, expand the executive team, increase the number of business angels on the platform, as well as to test new high-performance business models.

“In our three years of existence, we have managed to double our team and financial performance. We are planning to accelerate this growth. We are not an angel group or an investment fund anymore, we are an angel investment platform where every investor has the freedom to choose the startups they want to invest in while receiving our administrative support and making use of our demanding due diligence process which is meant to significantly reduce investment risks. We are pleased with the accelerated growth of our investment community and are constantly working to develop relevant tools and services”, said Ciprian Man, Co-founder & Angels Keeper, Growceanu.

“The pandemic prompted us to come up with a new business model. It was a turning point for the Growceanu startup and transformed the regional group of investors that we were into a business angel investment platform. Investors who are interested in joining the Growceanu platform need to follow a few simple steps: create an investor account on our website and credit their account with 400 euros, which gives them free access to the platform for one year and the opportunity to invest in any of the 50+ startups that pitch every year. Through this first round, which will be raised exclusively on the Growceanu platform, we are thanking our members for being with us. Together, we want to develop the largest angel investment platform in Europe”, says Adrian Gheorghe, Co-founder & Investor Relations at Growceanu.