Romanian FieldOS, a software for real-time problem-solving in the field, targets a round of €620,000

  • March 16, 2023
  • 1 min read
FieldOS, a startup that has launched a mobile solution to solve the real-time problems that a physical asset would have, is targeting a round of €620,000, of which €200,000 on SeedBlink, an investment platform that enables the financing of European technology startups.
The sum will be used mainly for the company’s international expansion, in the restaurant segment in the US and in the office and residential building area in the UK.

The €420,000 round is mainly invested by Liviu Munteanu and Mihai Guran, two of Romania’s best-known business angels, plus the technology provider IT Genetics.

Through this software, the employees of the companies that own and use physical assets (such as pieces of equipment, types of machinery, properties) can participate in real-time with the support teams and contractors to solve problems that may occur in certain locations or on different equipments.

This makes the collaboration between customers/employees and the support teams/contractors a direct one.

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