Romanian startup Bunnyshell raises $4M to expand its US presence

  • May 3, 2022
  • 2 min read
Bunnyshell, the leading Environment-as-a-Service (EaaS) platform, announced today that it had raised $4M in additional funding. The investment from Early Game Ventures (EGV) and RocaX Ventures will be primarily used for expansion into the US market. Additionally, Bunnyshell announced the appointment of Shani Shoham as its Chief Revenue Officer.

Bunnyshell creates replicas of production environments, no matter how complex the architecture is and what services are used. It automatically spins up new environments with every pull request as part of your development life cycle, for development, testing, demo or for the deployment of your application in your customers cloud. Bunnyshell’s EaaS includes availability rules to manage the cost of resources as well as auto-update to avoid drift issues.

With all the amazing innovations surrounding production environments like Kubernetes, Helm, and Terraform, the developer’s life has become even harder. Development still happens on a laptop, configured by hand, and in most cases, their environment is different from production. Bunnyshell wants to solve “it works on my machine” once and for all by providing production-like environments to developers.

Alin Dobra, co-founder and CEO of Bunnyshell, said: “We plan to focus more on the market in North America and help more CTOs and engineering leaders release faster and unleash bottlenecks. The complexity of today’s software architecture, with cloud native services, security policies, datasets and more, makes managing environments a complex process that requires multiple DevOps engineers. We established Bunnyshell so that developers can focus on delivering code and so that organizations can ship faster without the need to hire dozens of DevOps engineers. Shani brings a wealth of experience in building scalable go-to-market organizations and taking DevOps products from individual developers to enterprise tools.