SeedBlink develops a secondary market where investors can access liquidity

  • April 19, 2022
  • 1 min read

The European investment platform for technology startups SeedBlink is launching an annual membership SeedBlink Club – and is working to create a secondary market where investors can trade their assets with each other.

SeedBlink Club members can diversify their portfolio with venture capital-led opportunities starting at 1,000 euros, compared to 2,500 euros for the current value of the minimum ticket. In addition, the subscription includes benefits related to access to industry experts, exclusive private events, and the ability to pre-evaluate proposed startups and invest in private rounds through syndication.

“We have investors with large portfolios to whom we offer additional support services, networking, and priority access. The club is a natural extension, in which we want to bring the same benefits to those who are just starting in building and diversifying their portfolio and learning from experienced investors”, says Adriana Iordan, Chief Product, and Marketing at SeedBlink.