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What the future holds for the fintech ecosystem?


As a leading company in the global payment industry, Mastercard is constantly monitoring the market trends closely connected to the company’s activity. Thus, observing, looking into, or working together with those players that could either become issuers or part of the card payments acceptance network or improve the cardholders’ payment experience with added value services or benefits, is part of the team’s ongoing activity.

  • This article is taken from Romania’s Fintech Map by Future Banking. The report is available for download here.
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From the consumer’s point of view, the rapid rise of digital services and products has driven a change in standards and expectations. People are now looking for the best financial products and services, as well as related apps available on the market, that can make everyday life easier and support their needs.

They expect convenience, accessibility, always-on access, safety and security and excellent user experience. To adhere to customer expectations, banks needed to take advantage of new technologies, such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning, to provide effective automated digital support, as well as personalized information, guidance, and support to customers.

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